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Are you a resident or former resident whose education was enhanced by DDH? Maybe your life has been touched by a Disciples Divinity House graduate? Whatever your story about Disciples Divinity House, we'd love to hear it. Use the form below to share it with us.

What Disciples Say About Disciples Divinity House

"I know my story would not include Vanderbilt but for the tremendous opportunity to live, study, share, pray, and worship here at the Disciples House. Because I decided to concurrently pursue my law and divinity degrees at Vanderbilt, my program has been five years ending this May. The costs would have been prohibitively expensive without financial support from the Disciples Divinity House."

Rob McRight - JD/MDiv, 2010

"During my time here at the Disciples House, I have loved being a part of this welcoming and loving community. I now consider the people in this house to be my close friends. This year has been really good for me. I really love my classes. I am taking Constructive Theology; Ethics in Religious Perspective; Field Education; and Peace, Restoration, and Reconciliation, which is offered for Vanderbilt students and men in Riverbend Maximum Security Prison. This class meets at Riverbend once a week, where I go through some pretty intense security in order to get in. This has been a unique experience, and I have really enjoyed getting to know the men who are in the class."

Jackie Twedell - MDiv, 2011

"This is my third and final year at Vanderbilt Divinity School. The scholarship enables me to participate more fully as a student with less financial concerns. I am a retired school teacher and recently celebrated my fifty-fifth birthday. I look forward to being called into congregational ministry after I graduate and am ordained. The Disciples House has given me a community (even though the others are much younger than me) which has continually supported me as I participated in school work. Their friendships will continue throughout my life."

Debby Neal - MDiv, 2010

"The House scholarship has lightened my financial burden and allowed me to concentrate on my studies. I admire this generosity and hope one day I will be able to help students as I have been helped."

Eli Rolon - MDiv, 2012